Hampshire Open Data

This “Hampshire Open Data” website, and the services provided within it, are powered by the Seme4 Platform.

During the BlueLight Camp 2014 we took a couple of datasets from Hampshire County Council and loaded them into the Platform. For more details, please see the homepage.

Seme4 Platform

The Seme4 Platform is an integrated RESTful service framework which provides a comprehensive middleware infrastructure for delivering data-driven web applications and services.

Default services are geared towards supporting data integration and publishing activities, with a strong emphasis on dealing with Linked Data and Geospatial information.

The overarching goal in developing the Seme4 Platform is to enable developers to work quickly and efficiently, utilising standard reusable components to carry out data processing tasks while presenting the results in an easy to use and interoperable fashion.

The Seme4 Platform is a further evolution of the work carried out in the RAGLD project.

For further information please contact Hugh Glaser, Chief Architect at Seme4 Ltd.